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Born and raised by the same parents and in the same community, Dave and Dennis attended the same elementary, junior, and senior high schools before going to the University of Liberia. But in 1990 like many other Liberians their education was disrupted by the Liberian uncivil war. They sought refuge together in Guinea, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Ghana before traveling to the United States of America in 2000. They both taught at the refugee school system in the Forest Region of Guinea. Many persons who know them doubt if they are blood brothers because of how close they are.

To them, actual brothers could not spend so much time together and have interest in similar activities. Though they may not have physical similarities but they certainly share similar views on many issues. They sometimes speak of themselves as two seeds planted on the same soil. Being affected by the same environmental conditions, they often tend to react to issues in a similar fashion and fascinated by similar activities.






In Ghana Dave and Dennis graduated from the AHEAD/WVI International Training Institute with certificates in agriculture. In Bucks County, Pennsylvania where they now live, both attended and graduated from the same community college before taking separate routes to Temple and Strayer Universities respectively. While Dave pursues his graduate degree in Clinical Counseling at LaSalle University in Philadelphia, Dennis is at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell pursuing a Master degree in Health Informatics.

With backgrounds in Psychology and Computers respectively, Dave and Dennis have passions for writing, teaching, telling stories, and listening to other people. This drive to discuss, share, and learn new ideas led them to establishing a site in cyberspace where they we can share with others what they enjoy doing.

Though the purpose of this space is largely for educational purpose it will also endeavor to promote a spirit of understanding, love, and tolerance amongst Liberians. Through this work they hope that visitors to this site will find something to smile/laugh about. They believe that by so doi






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