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Notebook of a Warrior

After experiencing the Liberian civil war for ten years, Dave and Dennis decided to relate what they witnessed, heard and felt in the form of fiction in an attempt to be the voice for the many who could not tell their stories. Notebook of a Warrior is an account of an ex-combatant telling his war time story from his dying bed at an ill-equipped hospital in Nzerekore, Guinea - West Africa.

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The Longest Night: A Collection of Folklores

Besides Church, most of the belief systems and values which shape our adult lives came from the stories we were told as children. The Longest Night is a collection of those kinds of folklores told by a fictional character called Papa Story. Like us who hounded our parents and other adults to tell us stories, the children in this village gathered to listen to folk tales from an elderly man. For many hours, they held on, defying sleep and listening to this man throughout the night which many in the little town believed was the longest night they have ever seen. Although few fell asleep but they would not be left unnoticed because no child would afford missing a word from Papa Story.

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