The American Way and the British Way, Where is the Liberian Way?



When you go to America schools, they have a standardize way of teaching how to pronounce words or write for example the five paragraph essay. There is a standard way of writing the resume although there may be variation. At most places you apply, they ask for resume, not CV and that is consistent. There is a way they pronounce words without giving grade kids options to choose this way or that way. Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria… and other English speak African countries on the West Coast choose the British way although they may not pronounce their words exactly as White British people. I am not sure if we have a definite way in Liberia. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I think it is bad as we will be unsure what to teach our kids. . Even if we choose to mix and max, let us establish that and this should be part of our Liberian identity. With Liberians returning home from all parts of the World, it is a total mess now, mixing a little bit British English with American, French and just anything.


The British has a way of spelling words or calling certain things; the Americans do as well. Which way do we take is my concern. Shouldn’t we be sticking to one way and teach our children until they are old enough to go their own way? Are we consciously mixing and matching? If so what have we established as our gold standard? Below are few examples of British vs American and I am asking, Which way Liberia?


British English

American English







Headmaster/mistress, Headteacher



Drug store



Discussion on the Circumcision of a Newborn Male


By Roberta P. Davies-Rashid


Existing medical data does not support the circumcision of male newborns, concluded a Policy Statement released by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). In the AAP statement, published in the March 1999 issue of Pediatrics, Dr. Carole Lannon, chair of the organization' s Task Force on Circumcision, explained that circumcision may have "...some potential medical benefits." However, she said, "...these benefits are not compelling enough to warrant the Academy to recommend routine newborn circumcision." <<Click here>>


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