Proverbs Short Stories Parables




Fish sometimes cries but because she lives in the water, no one notices her tears


Come visit with me is different from come stay with me


The only difference between past events and current events is the distance between them.


While discussing current events, past events are just standing a yard away looking on.


Falling from the top of a tree is the shortcut to climbing down.


You cannot live near the river and use saliva to wash your hands


When you sit too long under the tree the bird will get their droppings on you


The fly that follows the corpse even to the site of burial is often buried alive.

The chief who does not usually heed to the advice of his under men/women is likely to find excrement on his garment when he is in the midst of others.
The bird that often sleeps over a path is the one that usually survives a predatorís attack.

The chick that never stops digging into the garbage, is likely to uncover its dead motherís bones.
The wind that disgraces a hen often comes from the rear.

The child that cries all night for the purpose of keeping his or her mother awake is also denying himself/herself a sleep.
Only a fool will go to bed while his house is on fire.
If you have hunch back and another hunch back man dies, follow the dead hunch back man to the grave site to see how he is being buried.

Donít think that because a goat grinds its teeth there is food in its mouth.




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