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Short Stories

·     The Magic Bracelet
By Doryen Ariel Jah (Age 6) and Editted by Dennis Jah

Once upon a time. 
There was a 13 year old girl named Alexa. Her mother died when she was 7 years old. Alexa’s father was remarried to another woman. Along with Alexa her father moved to another city to be with his new wife. Alexa’s father worked in another city and was never home most of the time.

Alexa’s step mother also has two daughters. Their names were Denise and Ruby. The step mother was too mean to Alexa. She let Alexa alone do all the work every day. Alexa had no time to play, watch TV or use the computer. She was not allowed to go to school also. She stayed in the yard all day working, working and working. Denise and Ruby were not nice to Alexa too. They did not want her to be their friend. They made fun of her and call her names.

One day there was a storm. The storm was heavy and strong and was knocking down all the big trees. Everybody ran out of the house because the big trees were about to fall on their house. But while they were running out, the wicked step mother did not want for Alexa to go with them. She sent her back in the house and locked the door. 

Alexa was very sad. And she began to cry. She thought about her mother who had died. She knew that if her mother was alive, she would not be locked up in the house. While she was crying, she heard a strange sound in the house. Right in front of her was an old lady. She spoke very kindly to Alexa.

“Hello my name is Maria. I am your grandmother.” And she gave Alexa a magic bracelet. The bracelet had the power to give Alexa whatever she wanted. Maria asked Alexa to put on the magic bracelet, close her eyes and make a wish. Alexa put on the magic and wished to be happy and treated nicely. And when Alexa opened her eyes after making her wish, she was living in a beautiful palace as a princess. Her mother was the queen while her father was the king. And they all live happily ever after.
The End.

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