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·    I see somebody – You Lie!

During the day when the weather is fine, the monkeys are engaged with fanfare, search for food and other activities that monkeys enjoy. They play games as they jump from tree to tree shouting, laughing and singing. The hunter whose family enjoys monkey meat takes advantage of the monkeys being glued to their basic activities and begins to creep under them for a kill. As God would have it, there is always one monkey who breaks from the fun and is on the alert for predators. Sighting the hunter and his single barrel gun in a distance, the monkey alarms,
“I see somebody!” But the rest of the monkeys not wishing to be sidetracked see him as a naysayer and dismissed his claims as lies screaming back at him,
“You lied.” Although alone the one is very adamant because he believes his eyes and senses. With the hoopla that termed to drown his lone voice, he repeated “I see somebody…”
Whether they doubt or believe the purported naysayer did not change the story. The hunter arrives, presses his trigger and terror is unleashed at the peak of monkeys fanfare.
The result is casualty, of course!

In these days of much excitement about the end of hostilities in Liberia and the election of Africa’s first female elected president, there is a tendency to be overtaken by the fun and the rush to replenish what has been lost. But in the midst of it all, let us be alert by an alarm of the lone monkey. He is not a naysayer; he is not paranoia; he is not Chicken Little. He sure sees somebody and there is a temptation to dismiss his claim without stopping to look.

The monkey this time can be on the radio, on the Internet, in the newspaper, or behind God’s back. The somebody this time can come in the form of corruption, incompetence, twisted priorities, “buddycracy,” indolence, abuse of power and the like. Let’s be on the lookout.

Three Friends Eating Berries

Three friends were eating berries. One was blind and the other two could see clearly. For the sake of the blind guy and for the purpose of having some ground rule for the group the three decided to eat the berries with fairness. They agreed that no one should take more than one berry at a time. The rule held well for a while in the berries eating process until suddenly when the blind fellow began to take more than one berry at a time. First he took three, then four, and five and so on. They both kept eating the berries. No one said a word until suddenly when the blind fellow grabbed the hands of the non-blind guys while he was picking his.

“Why did you grab our hands?” the non-blind guys asked.

“It is because you are cheating me. You are taking more than one berry in violation of our rule,” the blind fellow replied.
“If you were playing by the rules you would have complained when I started taking more than one instead you kept quiet. That means you are taking several berries probably five times more than I am taking.”


The Talking Skull


Deep into the forest, a man was walking one day and came upon an old skull. When he saw the skull setting on a stump, he asked “Skull, what brought you here?”


“The same thing that brought you here” the skull replied.


The man was extremely surprised that an old skull would talk. This was the first time in his life that a skull would speak words. He could not wait to get home and tell the story of a talking skull. Quickly he ran home and began telling his story about the talking old skull. To his surprise, no one believed him.


“A skull never talks” every one doubted him. And that made him feel insane. He knew he was talking the truth but how in this World could he convince anyone even his own children. He promised the whole town that he would take them to the place where he met the talking skull and everyone would be convinced when they see for themselves. They laughed at him and that made him feel silly in his own eyes. But he knew full well that when everyone shall see the talking skull, they would believe and herald him as an explorer. So he never gave up his claim but kept pushing for his beliefs.


Finally everyone agreed to follow him to hear a skull talk. But this was not until the king extracted a promise from him before consenting. He promised that if he told a lie, his head should be chopped off and his skull placed near the talking skull. Certainly this man was not going to alt without paying a heavy prize. On the other hand, the King promised that if his story were substantiated, he would be decorated as the greatest explorer of the land.


With the agreement reached and signed, the whole town including the king followed the man into the forest where he met the talking skull. When they arrived, they met the skull in the same spot just as the man had described. That was the first test – passed!


“Skull what brought you here?” He asked but the skull said nothing. He repeated it for the second and third time but the skull spoke no words. It lasted for a couple of hours with the man doing everything possible but to his utter dismay, the skull said nothing. So his time ran out and was beheaded. As soon as his skull was placed near the old skull, the old skull began to talk “the same thing that brought me here has now brought you near me, and that’s your mouth.”


“What happened here in the forest must remain in the forest” the crowd said one to another as they headed back home.








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