The Public Vault


1 Act Establishing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission The act establishing the TRC of Liberia enacted by the Transitional National Assembly on 12 May 2005
2 An Open Letter to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Letter detailing president Sirleaf’s involvement in the NPFL rebel war by former NPFL spokesman Thomas Woewiyu
3 Byron Tarr’s letter to Ellen Sirleaf Letter during the early stages of the rebel National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) invasion
4 July 26, 1944 Independence Day Oration Liberia’s Independence Day oration delivered by Didwho Twe
5 Exchange between Albert Porte and Pres Tubman Opposition figure Albert Porte goes back and forth with President William V S Tubman
6 Letter of Appeal to President Tolbert G. Baccus Matthews’ 1979 letter of Appeal to President Tolbert
7 Justice Sleeps Poem by Albert Porte written February 1, 1930
8 Ghana Peace Agreement of 2003 Peace agreement signed between the government of Liberia and two rebel forces (LURD & MODEL) as well as political parties
9 Why Liberians must Love Tubman Poem by Delsena Draper demonstrating a classic case of sycophancy
10 1868 presidential address P1868 presidential address res James S Pyne’s Message in 1868
11 1970 Presidential Address President Tubman national address in 1970
12 SPECIAL TASK FORCE / ULSA - 1973 Letter written by the 1st president of what is known today as ULAA Jangaba A. Johnson aka Tambakai A. Jangaba in 1973 during its task force stage
13 The declaration of Independence Liberia ’s declaration of independence July 26, 1847
14 The Greaves Proposal - 1990 Harry Greaves drafts a plan that would take effect after the rebel NPFL takes over
15 Three Voices of Liberia West African Magazine interviews G. Baccus Matthews and Togba-nah Tipoteh in1980
16 Open Letter to Ellen Sirleaf, Harry Yuan et al Letter written by the widow of the late General Thomas Quiwonkpa
17 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted and proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1948

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