GAC spokesman wanted by the National Security Agency

Issue: Government of Liberia has confirmed that General Auditing Commission (GAC) spokesman Maximore is wanted by the National Security Agency for statement he made against the President.



Nyenpan Tarpehdoe:

Liberia may have forgotten the protocol of law, if it would storm offices to arrest a citizen for charging the Liberian Government of undermining the process of audits in the country.

Should there be any broken law, the country's Justice Minister must take action. For NSA to attempt an arrest on anyone for speaking out in a free country, would project or constitute a notion that Liberia's free speech is at stake.




Amos Zumo:

Can somebody please tell us what is the exact role and function of the NSA in Liberia given the plethora of security agencies in Liberia?


I know that the NSA in the USA is cryptologic intelligence agency under the Department of Defense charged with collection and analysis of foreign communications and foreign signal intelligence which includes cryptanalysis and is also responsible for protecting ie. protecting against cyber attacks) and securing US government communications and information systems including computer networks, electrical grids from similar agencies and threats from elsewhere, which includes cryptography.


Or is our NSA functioning like the Shin Bet of Israel???




James Blyee:


The President, Dr. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has expressed disappointment in the process and the necessary step perhaps is taken by now.






President Sirleaf’s Aide:

The President has just spoken to the Minister of State and conveyed to the Vice-President. It's a "bad move" by Fombah Sirleaf.  The Auditor General has been called and told that no one would be arrested.













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