Let Talk Tribes

Maybe it is time to begin a conversation about tribalism. We are slicing and dicing our political subdivisions based on tribes. We vote based on tribes even if we don’t intend as one must be of certain tribe before running for some elected positions. . continue



Who's In Control of CDC?

Liberia's major opposition party, the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) is in major political disarray and a public relations nightmare to say the least. The CDC is in dire need of political and PR makeover to salvage its dented image in the wake of George Weah's troubles on Thursday June 4. continue



The American Way and the British Way, Where is the Liberian Way?

When you go to America schools, they have a standardize way of teaching how to pronounce words or write for example the five paragraph essay. There is a standard way of writing the resume although there may be variation. At most places you apply, they ask for resume, not CV and that is consistent. There is a way they pronounce words without giving grade kids options to choose this way or that way. Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria… and other English speak African countries on the West Coast choose the British way although they may not pronounce their words exactly as White British people.

. continue





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